Chronologically gifted ehk Ka Siiri Sai Lõpuks Ometi Vanaks

about her: dumb but willing
birthday: Shares it with Jesus
age: 21
here for: our entertainment
children: why not
ethnicity: extremely caucasian (white)
languages she speaks: Estonian, English (UK), German. Some kind of gibberish in her sleep
political view: punk's not dead
humor: poor, but friendly. She has her moments.
sexual orientation: no interest in women what so ever, unfortunately for Kusti
fashion: alternative
smoking: heavily
drinking: heavily, preferres cheap wine-like liquids
pets: Bob & Pitsu(still alive)
living: @ some dump in Chinatown
hometown: Dorpat
webpage: missing
passions: translating through life, dancing alone in front of the kitchen window, Trivia Maschine
books: Saagpakk
music: anything connected to punk
tv shows: CSI
movies: Pirates of the Carribean had a devastating effect. We are now busy explaining, why it is impossible for her to become a pirate.
cuisines: anything goes
country: Estonia

Kõige suuremad õnned Sulle sünnipäeva puhul. Ära pildi pärast pahanda. Lilled saad jaanuaris.

Siiralt Sinu,
Piia ja Liis

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